Beef Shares

four rib eyesOur Angus and Wagyu/Angus Beef Cattle are pasture raised and do not go into a feed lot.

Meat hangs for 12 to 21 days and is sold in quarters, halves or whole.





Wagyu/Angus Cross OR Angus: $4.50/lb hanging weight 

*Price does not include Butcher Fees*


***If ordering for a restaurant, please make sure to check the USDA box in the order form. Half and whole shares available only.***



Customer is responsible for contacting butcher to give cutting instructions.

Non-refundable Deposit required for order:

  • $325 whole
  • $175 half
  • $100 quarter

Deposit deducted from order at time of payment (see Notes on Beef).

*You will be receiving roughly 50 to 60% of the hanging weight total in meat.*


USDA Beef Variety Packs: No Longer Offering



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